Cloth in Real Life

Problem? What Problem?

(Don’t miss out! At the end of the post is a chance to expand your stash!)


Some of us start off with self-control, but we seem to quickly derail as we delve deeper into this beautiful, multicolored, fluffy world of cloth diapers.



Just like other addicts, we might not know when we have a problem, and some of us know we have a problem and don’t care in the slightest. (Guilty.) Just in case you’re not sure if you qualify as a true cloth addict, I give you:




“You know you’re a #clothdiaperaddict when…”


  •  You have enough diapers to not stuff and put away for a week (or more).
  • #Stashshotsunday is a weekly routine for you.
  • You sacrifice new things for yourself (clothes, outings, etc.) to buy more cute diapers for your kid.
  • You go to extreme measures to make sure you have the right inserts with the right shells. (A tape measure? Color coded snaps changes? Pre-sort system?)
  • Your social media outlets are plagued with adorable photos of your kid’s fluffy butt.


  • You meet strangers in store parking lots to make deals you set up online for swapping /buying/selling the good fluff.
  • You find a good deal on gently used newborn diapers, so you buy an entire stash…even though you don’t have a baby on the way (yet).
  • You are constantly on the hunt for your ISO (in search of) or (for the more dramatic) your DISO (desperately in search of).
  • You have something called your “unicorn diaper,” and it doesn’t have anything to do (usually) with unicorns.
  • Just when you feel stashified, a new print or color is released that you just HAVE to have!


  • You could sell your stash and use the money to put a down payment on a car.
  • You joke that your stash is your child’s college fund.
  • Your favorite brand is about to release a new print. You hired a babysitter, and you’re glued to the computer waiting for 11:00 AM EST to strike, fingers poised over the keys, sweat upon your brow, ready for total annihilation of this stocking.
  • You’re always up for trying a new brand, mainly so you can still decide that your favorite brand is still your favorite and sell off the random brands for more of your favorite…
  • You want to have more children, mainly so that you can cloth diaper again and don’t have to sell your stash.


  • You have an odd number  (47) of diapers in your stash, so you order 3 more to make it an even 50.
  • Every outfit your child owns has a coordinating diaper to go with it.
  • You sell things you decide you don’t need to afford more diapers.
  • You tell strangers that you cloth diaper. (“Aww, he’s so cute! He’s so little! Is he wearing underwear?” “OH! No, that’s his CLOTH DIAPER! You see…”)
  • Your phone auto-corrects basic words to cloth diaper terms/brand names.




  • Your husband/wife rolls his/her eyes every time a pink package arrives in the mail.
  • You look at cloth diaper memes and nod your head in agreement. Every. Time.
  • Everyone you know knows that you cloth diaper.
  • You stalk your postman/UPS lady/Fed Ex Guy on a regular basis, or you have mail tracking texts sent to your phone to keep an eye on your fluff mail.
  • You love doing laundry…well, diaper laundry…


Well? Do you need help? Don’t ask for it here. I’m an enabler.

In fact, we’re going to be giving away a brand new (currently sold out) Lalabye Baby “Tweedle Dee” cloth diaper to one of our readers!


Comment below and tell us about your cloth diaper addiction! Have others to add to the list? One lucky commenter gets the prize! One comment equals one entry. One comment per person.

Fellow addicts? You’re not alone! Look below to see some of Dream Diapers’ cloth diaper addicts’ awesome stash shots!

Alicia L.


Christina P.


Joanna H.


Erin L.ErinLasyoneSSw

Jordan H.


Kendra C.


Meghann P.MeghanPetersSSww

Melanie T.


Brandi G.


Jessica B.


Loni Y.


Thank-you, Dream Diaper Stash Chatters,

for sharing your stash shots with us!

Winner will be announced in the next blog post,

so stay tuned!




Photography and Idea Contributions

by Perla Farias


52 thoughts on “Problem? What Problem?

  1. When my husband asked what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, followed by “don’t ask for cloth diapers..”



  2. You might be a cloth diaper addict when your first LO isn’t due for 6 more weeks and you have enough diapers to diaper the whole neighborhood…
    I’ve loaned out enough diapers to 2 moms for a good 2 day wash stash and could still cloth diaper triplets of my own (I’m only pregnant with 1) #buyallthediapers!


  3. When you make up any excuse to leave the house so that you can get you fluff mail out of the mailbox before your husband sees it.


  4. You know you’re a cloth diaper addict when… This entire blog post describes your life! I love Twwedle Dee BTW. It’s the first diaper in the history of ever that I got a double of. That was last week… And I ordered my second ever “double” print this week, during a stressful stocking, while on VACATION. Yep, I definitely have a problem.


  5. When your so excited that your LO is sleeping soundly as you count down the minutes to the latest stocking only to have them wake up at the exact stocking time (Noooo!!!) so u sit them up & keep handing them handfuls of their favorite cereal with one hand to keep them happy while anxiously trying to score with the other hand, all the while you are sweating profusely & your heart is racing a million beats per minute! Lol!


  6. You know you’re a cloth diaper addict when….
    Your 8 year old throws away the sposies for her dolls and asks to borrow some “fluff” for her baby’s stash while she plays, and promises she won’t lose them, knowing that’s a cardinal sin. (That’s also when you know you’re raising the next generation of cloth diaper addicts.)


  7. I said to my husband in the last new release of Lalabye Baby, oh, I don’t need those chevron diapers! Fast forward to this Monday, another Lalabye lover is selling her two, along with the exact two prints I don’t have doubles of . . . umm, they just arrived today. THANKFULLY, my husband isn’t home!!! I did sell all our unused diapers this week though, so it evened out! I am crossing my fingers we are potty trained before the Lalabye Baby release of more prints, so going to be in trouble. Oh, and my Ohio State diaper is on it way back to me as I write this, due to arrive tomorrow!!


  8. You know you are a CD addict when you justify your stash by comparing yours to others that have WAY more than you… “I don’t have a problem..look at her stash! I am totally in control!’

    You are also an addict when you have enough pints accrued through diaper purchases to earn a free Tula…omg I need a 12 step program!!


  9. When I first started, I did not think I had to money to invest in the diapers that I love. Somehow I have found a way to have a crazy stash of about 75 diapers total for two girls. Hubby thinks I have gone off the deep end. Not only have I become a cloth diaper addict, but I am becoming more crunchy by the day. Every time he sees a DD package he just gives me the look. He never says anything though.


  10. I have gotten a little OCD with needing to have doubles of my diapers. Mainly with the pastel series is when it started. I would look at my stash and be like “this isn’t colorful enough. Maybe we need more purples…or blues…” My fiancé looks at me like I am crazy when I order a double of any of the diapers. I get the eye roll a lot;) but. Hey. This is the healthiest addiction to have! It could be worse…. Right???


  11. I bought CD’s thinking it was going to save money, now I keep asking myself “what can I sell so I can buy more diapers?”. They are so addicting, and I’ve recently fallen in love with Lalabye so adding a Tweedle Dee to our stash would be perfect!


  12. When you have over 45 diapers, and are still stalking new releases… AND you aren’t even pregnant yet. ROFL


    1. Oh, yes. I used to buy one every month or so like a year or so before we even started trying to conceive! My addiction goes way back…


      1. Whoo hoo!
        I just got my BFP this morning! 😛
        Now I feel justified in my fluff hoarding at last.
        *happy dance!*


  13. Our child isn’t due until December, but I’ve been obsessed with cloth since my best friend started using it on her son two years ago. She is loaning me her newborn stash, but I’m having fun collecting different one size diapers to try. Lalabye baby comes highly recommended!


    1. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love cloth diapering and was very practical about it until I discovered prints!!


  14. I’m due to have my first baby any day now and have already fallen victim to a diaper obsession! I get so excited knowing I’ll have a diaper delivery coming soon! Already loving cloth diapers!


  15. I cloth diaper part time but “shop” for cloth diapers almost every night. I’m addicted to looking at all the pretties!


    1. We are due with our first little one in December ( yeah :)and already we have a good start on our stash. It’s insane how quickly you can get caught up in the fun of it all… different styles, colors, prints…. and all Adorable!
      We are not finding out if we are having a boy or girl til delivery… which I think is the perfect excuse …I mean reason to stock up on fluff for both 😉
      thanks for the opportunity to add more to our stash!


  16. I just love finding new beautiful diapers for our baby. It’s gotten to the point that I am planning outfits around diapers!


  17. When your ocd kicks in and you have to have at least two of every color, even if you don’t take stash shots every week.


  18. You know you’re a cloth diaper addict when you have over 100 new diapers and your first baby is not even born yet!
    You know you’re a cloth diaper addict when you constantly want to talk about new releases but no one in your none social media network understand your excitement.


  19. When your two year old gets so excited and wants to rip a new fluff mail package open with you….then wants to wear the diaper right away! Thanks for the chance to enter! I’d love to win and try out a lalabye baby!


  20. When we decided to cloth diaper, our first born son, I had no idea the addiction that would bloom… it was decided that our diapers would be stored in the top drawer of Elliott’s dresser. Well… not long after Elliott grew out of his newborn diaper rentals, I discovered llbs and binky d… when all the diapers are clean, we now have to stack about ten, somewhere! AND the drawer will barely shut! We are currently planning a trip to Seattle, which is about 5 hours away, to purchase the “perfect” shelf to display the lovely diapers and free up some space! I cannot wait!


  21. I knew I had a problem when my husband asked what u wanted for my birthday (the big 3-0!) and I replied with a list of cloth diapers, kamsnaps, and a new drying rack! Then he asked what I wanted for me, to which I replied “These are for me!” Baby is gonna have a cute cloth bootie! Or buying a bunch of girly prints when I have a boy because we could have a girl next…


  22. I definitely started cloth to save money, and I still think I have, because I used money from seeing other items to buy it pretty stash! I’d love to win, I skipped the tweedles release and might be kicking myself…


  23. I had to cut myself off when I went back to work and my daughters daycare won’t do cloth. We still use them at night and on the weekends but I just can’t justify buying any more. Winning more, on the other hand, is completely different!


  24. This all rings so true!! I went from eeewww! Why would anyone cloth to omg #buyallthediapers practically overnight! And now I’ve brought several others mamas over to the cloth world, and the lalabye world! I’m currently trying to help a friend start cloth on her 21 month old and would love to win her this diaper! She so deserves it- she’s currently in Memphis, TN doing inner city mission work with some of the poorest children in our country.


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