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A Poetic Birth

I wanted to share this incredible birth journal series poetically written by Jen Wilkinson. She’s a wife, an amazing momma to four boys, and a contractor in Indinapolis.

11015802_10156088735170123_2565989831575017796_oShe’s bad. ass. you guys.

Yesterday she documented the journey to meeting her fourth little boy in a series of Facebook posts written in poetry. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. ♡♡♡


June 10, 2015

2 a.m.: I’m smiling. Grinning and giggling. 39+5. Shhhh. Quiet, quiet. The waves are beginning. I have a secret. WE have a secret. My baby. And me. Nobody knows, but us. Soon, the world will know. But not now. Just my baby. And me. Quiet, quiet.

Shhhhh. My baby is coming.


June 10, 2015 (cont’d)

Sunrise: Lewie, wake up. We have a secret to share. Today, today! It’s baby day. Giggles. Ramblings. Sunrise? No. More snoring. Quiet, quiet. Shhhhh. Breathe. Phone calls. Secret shared. My people. They know. We know. Our baby is coming.

9:30 a.m.: Ollie’s school. End-of-year party. Smiling, giggling. My baby is coming. Nobody knows. Just me. And my baby. And my people. Small talk. Donuts. Shhhhh. Pressure waves. 3rd graders. Orange juice. Presentations. Happy Ollie. He knows. Quiet, quiet. Our baby is coming.

10:30 a.m.: Home. Pressure waves. Cat naps. Fluids, snacks. Sunshine. Humidity. HOT. Walking with Wendy. Walking, walking. Fountain Square. Excitement. Our baby is coming. Shhhhhhh.


June 10, 2015 (cont’d)

Noon: Pure Eatery. Turkey and Havarti. Field greens. 4-top table. Center row. Sharon. Wendy. Lewie. Pressure waves. 10 minute intervals. Yum, havarti. Smiles. We know. We know, little one. We are ready. Water. Refills. Hydration. Havarti, yummmm. Pressure waves. Steady now.


June 10, 2015 (cont’d)

3 p.m.: Home. Exercise ball. Cat naps. Lewie sunbathes, gives me space. Chats with neighbors. Getting closer. 5cm. My people are with me. I am safe. I am calm. I am tired. Laboring outside. Front yard. Grass. Earth. Ice. Loads of ice. Bare feet. Grounded. Safe. Shhhh. Quiet, quiet. Our baby is coming!


June 10, 2015 (cont’d)

5 p.m.: Time to move. Reluctance. Hesitation. 7cm. Need to go. It’s time. Pack car. 20 minute ride. Breathing, breathing. Parking lot. Pressure waves. Intensity. On my knees. Triage. Check in. 6pm-ish. Pressure waves. I CAN. Questions. Shhhhh. Answers. Decisions. Room with tub. FILL.IT.UP. Mallory’s here. Blending in. Clicking away. My baby is coming.


7 p.m.: In tub. Tiny tub. Smallest tub in the world. I’m big. I’m birthing. I’m stuck. Microscopic tub. Knees hurt. What the fuck. Poor design. Can’t move. Fuck. Pressure waves. Ouch, my knees. This tub needs a warning label. NOT SUITABLE FOR LABORING WOMEN. Where’s my tub? It’s large. And deep. And squishy. Not fair. I can’t. Not here. Not now. Oh, Merindy is here! Welcome. Let’s party. But, ouch. My knees. I’m stuck. Legs numb. Can’t move. Bad. Bad. Bad. Worst position. My baby is coming. Help! GET.ME.OUT. Oh, who brought food? Smells disgusting. Stop talking. Shhhhhh. I’m working. He’s coming.


June 10, 2015 (cont’d)

9 p.m.: Tiny tub. Hoisted out. Two angels. No, devils. Bad touch. BAD TOUCH. Ok. Angels. 10 feet to go. Can’t feel my legs. Hobbling. Marathon. Longest walk ever. Plop down. Hospital bed. Water breaks. Transition. Meconium? Shit, meconium. Wtf. Movement. All the people. They are here. In my room. Doctors. Nurses. Pediatricians. Fast movement. 9cm. Doctor leaving. I feel sick. But, wait. Baby dropped! Let’s do this. Pushing. Pushing. Easy now. My baby is coming. My baby is coming!

10 p.m.: There you are. Just like that. You’re wondrous. Miraculous. Perfection. Blue eyes. Reddish hair. Who are you, little one? You are Felix George. You are my baby.




Happiest of birthdays, my Felix. One day I’ll tell you about the very first secret we shared, on the day of your birth. ♡♡♡



Cake smash photo by Kayla Robinson at Praise Photography

Labor and Birth photography by Mallory Talty at Stereoscope Photography



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