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Fluffy Fashionistas (& Fashionistos)

One of the many nice attributes of cloth diapering is that you don’t have to waste any money on matching diaper covers for your child’s outfit, and you never have to worry about those character riddled, high-waisted, tissue paper nightmares (too much?) poking out of the back of your kid’s adorable outfit and ruining the photos you’re so obviously taking to spam your friends and family with later. We often tout the practical reasons for using cloth, but there’s also an aesthetic appeal to cloth that most people gloss over as if it’s unimportant. So, today, I give you:

Fluffy Fashionistas (& Fashionistos)


Don’t get me wrong: I use disposables sometimes too. (GASP!) It’s a necessary evil for me sometimes when traveling without access to a washer. When I do have to use them, I can’t stand it: the smell, the leaks, and the drab designs. Sure, I could spend the extra money and get the ones with prints on them, but they still don’t have the variety and beauty of cloth. The only time I see non-cloth diapering parents giving in to admitting the vapidity of disposables is in newborn photos. They’d rather their kid be naked than to wear a disposable for their professional (and hideously expensive) welcome to the world photos. I get that. I did it, too. My squish didn’t fit in his cloth right away because he was born so small, so he was naked as a jaybird. I was peed on several times, but it was so worth it.

boxandblankielucassw hippolucassw


 However, newborn photos can also be super cute with color coordinated fluffy bottoms.

babyeverlysw softballeverlyw toesandtushw

Another way cloth diapering mommas extort the beauty of their kid’s fluff is by matching several diapers to one outfit. While fashion forward mommas probably already use #ootd (outfit of the day) on social media, cloth diapering mommas use #cdootd (cloth diaper outfit of the day). I think the first time I saw this being done was by Jen Aprea on Spray Pal’s instagram account (@spraypal). I know I take care to grab specific colors or prints before leaving the house, and I know I’m not the only one!


Now, without further ado, I give you Dream Diaper’s Fluffy Fashionistas & Fashionistos, who rock their awesomely fluffy bottoms!


Thanks for sharing your adorable kiddos’ photos with us, ladies!


The lucky winner from last week’s Cloth Diaper Addicts giveaway (chosen by random number generator) is: Cassandra Crossler! Please email with your address to claim your prize! Congratulations! Once you’ve received Tweedle Dee, may we suggest buying an adorable outfit to match that fluffy bum?



Happy diapering, mommas!




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