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Líllébaby Costume Contest and Giveaway!

#WhyWeWear: Family Edition   “Gimme that baby!” my mother would shout the minute she stepped into our house when Lucas was first born. She would proceed to be a baby hog for the remainder of her visit, and that never bothered me in the slightest, not only because Lucas was being cared for and loved… Continue reading Líllébaby Costume Contest and Giveaway!

Attachment Parenting · Babywearing · Gentle Parenting Tips

Daddy’s Favorite Carrier: Soft Structured Carriers

The most commonly seen and marketed style of baby carrier is a soft structured carrier (SSC). Patterned after backpacks, the shoulder and waist straps are usually padded, and they have buckles. Each brand of carrier varies greatly in many aspects like back lengths, seat widths, back widths, fabric, belt strap styles, padding, and colors/prints. Quality… Continue reading Daddy’s Favorite Carrier: Soft Structured Carriers

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Finding Your Tribe & Dream Diapers Gift Card Giveaway!

Mommy Tribe: A small group of women united by the ties of motherhood and friendship. Members  of the tribe often share similar parenting beliefs and hold similar values. Babysitting each others children for free, bringing food when a fellow’s family suffers from illness or a family death, and monthly or bi-monthly gatherings sans children plus… Continue reading Finding Your Tribe & Dream Diapers Gift Card Giveaway!