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5 Things Everyone Wants


I remember the first time I used Twitter. I was so confused. I’d never felt so old. I asked my students to explain to me “the point” of it all. Why use hashtags? Are they like secret jokes? Is this a filing system? Who is clicking on these and why? How is Twitter different than Facebook? Why should I care? Then it exploded in popularity to the point where Facebook started allowing hashtags too, and the art of the hashtag became a standard in all social media for businesses and individuals alike.


And I never really realized the why until recently…


You see, every person wants the same 5 things:
1. To be happy
2. To be loved
3. To feel important
4. To feel appreciated
5. To feel like he/she belongs


Why do we tweet, post, Instagram, and share on social media?
Why do we email, text, Skype/Facetime, and make phone calls?
Why do we spend money to have parties or go out to dinner?
Why do we join clubs or groups or sports teams?
The answers are all the same: to meet one of those 5 wants.
And hashtags? They fulfill numbers 3 and 5.


When you know what hashtags to use to connect you to a wider audience, you feel important, and when you are connected to that wider audience, you feel a sense of belonging.


The same holds true for all of the different camps of motherhood:
the labor and delivery camp (#birthwithoutfear)
the newborn camp (#teamnosleep)
the postpartum camp (#takebackpostpartum)
the toddler tearing apart your house camp (#toddlerlife)
the “I haven’t showered today or had a chance to pee by myself in months” camp (#momlife #momprobs #motherhood)
and even the specialty camps like breastfeeding (#beautifulbfing #breastfeedwithoutfear #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingisbeautiful)
cloth diapering (#makingclothcool #makeclothmainstream #clothdiapersrock #clothiscool #clothiseasy #clothiscute #buyallthediapers)
and yes, babywearing too.


Using a coined hashtag or even coining one yourself that others start to use makes you feel like you are part of something bigger, like it’s not only okay to breastfeed/feel tired/cloth diaper/feed your kid Cheetos for breakfast/ babywear, it’s accepted and encouraged and dare I say, cool.


So, if you’ve been babywearing and didn’t know, or if you’re just getting started, here are a few babywearing hashtags to use to help you feel more connected to the babywearing community, where you can be supported and encouraged in keeping your baby effortlessly in arms reach while keeping your hands free!































Happy hashtagging, Mommas, and remember, we are giving away a Líllébaby Complete Airflow in Aqua/Blue to the winner of our Babywearing Halloween Costume Contest! Have you started planning your winning costume yet? #DDBabywearingCostumeContest




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