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Grovia Unders

I was provided Grovia Unders to test and review in exchange for my 100% honest opinion. As you know, here at Mommy Sincerest I do not publish reviews for items that I do not wholeheartedly love and sincerely recommend. I had absolutely no qualms passing on this awesome recommendation to y’all! If you’re wanting to pick up some Unders for your kiddos, you can score both the underwear and tanks with free shipping at Fluff & Familia!

grovia_new_logo_webSaying goodbye to cloth diapers for my oldest was a little difficult because we still had no new squish on the horizon at that time. I had to clean and store all of our beautiful diapers for “someday,” and grudgingly go to the store to buy little kid underwear and venture into the land of potty training. Thankfully, I have a boy to dress, so his options are pretty comfortable no matter which style I chose for him: tighty whities or boxer briefs. (Parents of girls, never fear, this post is relevant for boys, but it’s especially awesome for y’all.)

We aren’t really a Marvel kind of family; he doesn’t even know who Spiderman or Batman really are, to be honest. I can’t stand children’s clothing with skulls and crossbones on them (why? just, why?) and he doesn’t play any sports yet, so that really limits our print choices on underpants (and shoes and clothes but that’s a discussion for another day…) so we ended up going with Disney and some plain stripes and solids in both bikini cut and boxer briefs.


He immediately gravitated towards the boxer briefs, always choosing those when both styles were clean, telling me they were more comfortable. So, when Grovia released their new line of children’s underclothes, I knew that Lucas would like the underwear from the get-go. What I did not anticipate is how much he would appreciate the tank tops as well!


This child would not take off this tank top for like three days. He kept choosing to put it on under his clothing for school or just donning it solo as soon as he was home from school. He has since spent many days just lounging around in nothing but his Unders when watching a movie or playing video games in the evening with his daddy, and they are comfortable enough to allow him to be active as well, without inhibiting his movement or climbing in his crack. #nowedgiesallowed


I love that I can continue to spoil Lucas’ tush with high quality, earth friendly clothing even though he’s out of cloth diapers. The Grovia Unders allow me to do just that, providing him with the most comfortable underwear he owns!

Our favorite things about the Unders:


The soft elastic waistband keeps the Unders up without leaving marks or indents the way traditional elastic does, and the printed on tags keep the tanks and underwear from being itchy.


The underwear shape is designed to be comfortable (no wedgies here in front or in back!) for both boys and girls, and they can double as pajamas or lounge-wear for around the house. (Hallelujah, parents of girls! Underwear that doesn’t cut off their circulation or show off so much cheek!)

They’re made of 100% cotton- no synthetic fabrics, which means children with sensitive skin or eczema can safely wear them without irritation.

The tanks and the underwear are sold separately, so if your child has a long 4T torso, but lacks a hiney and needs 3T underwear, you can do that. This also is a benefit for mixing and matching prints and colors- fun and adorable! (You can find the rest of their available prints and solids here, including trains, cupcakes, surfboards, and even sloths!)


They’re sold in a set of two- so two underwear in a box or two tanks in a box. This way you don’t end up with like 4 pairs in the same color/print and can more easily mix and match your child’s underwear collection.

They are sized from 2T-5T, so your child can enjoy the quality of Grovia products through Kindergarten!

Things I would love to see:

I would love to see more colors and prints available! I know this product is new, and so they’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see what’s next! Lucas is hoping for rocket ships!


Thank you, Grovia, for giving us the opportunity to review such a great product! We’re hooked!



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