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Diaper Bag for Two

*All opinions in this post are entirely my own. I paid for this bag and simply love it so much I wanted to share it with you. I was not in any way reimbursed or paid to promote this company or this product.*

This past summer, my crazy nesting never stopped once it started. I organized and cleaned out every cupboard and every room in our house apart from my husband’s closet and dresser drawers. Seriously. That even extended to getting my diaper bag packed already for whenever I felt the need to venture out of the house once baby was born and had two in tow. I think I felt like if I had everything as prepped as humanly possible, having two kids wouldn’t feel quite as overwhelming.

In all honesty? I think it worked.

When I was preparing for my first son to arrive a few years ago, I rolled my eyes at the price of diaper bags. Who in their right mind would pay that much for a bag? I picked up a beach bag on clearance at Meijer and called it a day. Oh yes, a HUGE beach bag. Remember, I was a first time mom, and I felt the need to CARRY ALLLLL THE THINGS! I quickly realized how silly that was and how cumbersome such a HUGE bag was to tote around in addition to my kid, and I wised up.

(*Side note: I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $15 for a purse in all my life, so that kind of explains my view on diaper bag prices right off the bat. If you’re used to paying lots of money for a nice purse because you already understand the value of a really nice bag, skip on down to the photos and features. For some of us, we need a little more time to adjust to the concept of shelling out for a nice diaper bag…).

Then, I purchased my first JuJuBe on super clearance at a local small retailer that had a hard time moving such a high-end product. I had looked at other bags at the big box stores, but they all seemed so cheaply made to me. The first thing I loved about JuJuBe was that everything about it feels high quality (because it is)! It was a messenger style bag, and I loved everything about it. It had many of the same features as the one below, but when I was anticipating my second son this past summer, I didn’t think I could handle an over the shoulder bag, the carseat, and the toddler all at once. So I went searching for a backpack style bag, and lo and behold, I found the mega-load.

This is my new favorite mama accessory and the necessities we tote around town to prevent disaster:


The JuJuBe Be Right Back

I love how it is set up like a mini suitcase- netted compartments with zippers and elastic keep items in place.



Real metal closures are classy yet durable.


The inside is a light colored fabric, making it easier to see inside when digging around for things. Plus, it comes with a handy changing pad that fits in the back pocket.



Plus, the entire thing is machine washable. Yup. I said it. It’s true.



Insulated side pockets, compartments out the wazoo. This baby has everything.

The straps are padded, so they’re fairly comfy. Plus, the backpack style keeps both hands free- one for each kid. I can wear the bag on my back and the baby on my front and still have one hand for my keys and one hand for my toddler. #mommaskills


What I carry on a daily basis:

  • three Lalabye Baby cloth diapers (my favorite brand of all time)
  • a Lalabye Baby Quick Trip wetbag
  • a to-go case of wipes
  • CJ’s Butter Stick
  • teething toy
  • a spare swaddle blanket (These are my favorite!)
  • a burp rag
  • Ah Goo Baby plush changing pad (when he was a delicate newborn, but I’ve since removed it because it’s bulky and the changing pad that comes with the bag is perfectly fine)
  • spare clothes for the toddler
  • spare clothes for the baby
  • snacks
  • mini first aid kit
  • sunscreen stick
  • hand and face wipes


If you’re looking for a diaper bag for two, I recommend this one: The Be Right Back by Ju-Ju-Be. Trust me, it’s worth the price. Also, you can often find coupons to use if you purchase them at a retailer, and they often run sales through their website or on Amazon too.

Happy travels with two (or more), mommas!




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