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Organizing: The Little Things

After my scare with spotting a few weekends ago, I’ve had to tone down my crazy nesting to organizing little things (you know, instead of building and moving furniture…). You know all those Pinterest boards you have full of organization ideas and recipes and fun crafts and stuff? I actually used mine for something other than birthday party planning. (Who DOES that?! I know….)

I’ve found Pinterest to be quite therapeutic as I’ve been put on restrictions- I can at least pin my way through this nesting instinct even if I can’t accomplish all of the projects I wanted to originally. C’est la vie.

So, here are some of the little things that have made my chaos less cluttered:

I organized under the sinks using a two tiered sliding basket set and old plastic magazine holders that I got for free when the library cleaned out their magazine section at our school. They help keep like objects together (grilling stuff, cleaning tools, etc) and keep tiny things from going missing and cans from falling over.



I stored all of Lucas’ art supplies that I wanted to keep out of reach on the inside of our coat closet door using a shoe organizer I got on clearance for $3 at Target. He can’t open that door well (yet) so it keeps him from getting out the kinetic sand or playdough while I’m in the bathroom unaware of the impending mess that would await me otherwise.


I even organized my KamSnaps snap changing materials using stackable lockable bins and little containers for the snaps (color coded by kind and color, of course, said the crazy lady). IMG_2686

My closet was in bad shape (as in nothing was hung up anymore because I’d been living out of laundry baskets for weeks and weeks) so I stored anything that didn’t fit and hung up all my tank tops since that seems to be what I’ll be living in this summer.


Finally, the thing that took the longest (because it hadn’t been done since I was pregnant with Lucas): I cleaned out our medicine cabinet/linen closet and purchased a few lidded bins and baskets from Target to organize all our stuff. (Hover over each photo to see the descriptions or click and then arrow through the slideshow that pops up.)


What has been your favorite organizing project that you felt proud of when you finally finished? Are you nesting like me? (I organize like this when I’m not pregnant too, sometimes…it’s a sickness, I know.)

Enjoy organizing the little things to make your days a little easier, mommas,




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