BABY! 10 Fun Ways to Announce the Big News

Social media has made announcing a pregnancy quite a visual competition. The creativity and time (and sometimes money) some parents put into their announcements is nothing short of astounding. We asked our Stash Chatters for some of the best pregnancy announcements they had done in the past, and they didn’t disappoint!

From professional photography shoots…


…to whipping something up on the computer…

Star Wars Baby Announcement

these mommas put a lot of love into sharing about their newly awaited littles!


♥ 10 Fun Ways to Announce the Big News ♥


Use a favorite keepsake or objects from around the house.

12714486_10103695655892884_281786135_n 12476920_10153414659073951_2119074078_oHave the family pets help out!

12705416_10156484060260265_2285702705182335857_n 12694949_10101483231853471_5664929927149094403_o


 Tie in your job/jobs.


12705558_10106183414295003_3106810651602795586_n 12696258_10103833699302743_859190386_n

Use your feet…


12714032_10205613751482951_119378731_n ckbiehl-66


Or shoes!


12736837_10100198435621836_543291157_o 12717585_10207377278704665_5007543339867712987_n



Incorporate your favorite sports team.


12717921_921083000767_7416596184756416718_n 12705779_10154670781709782_1395945192374676251_n


Be punny or clever!


12717677_1135352693171396_815148900206434487_n 12705528_10206904961877497_1220133150062056185_n(1)



Show off your cloth diapers!


628_1740769106144644_9044643472843949325_n 12728914_847607505368603_8118581528895500010_n


Have siblings help announce.


12718280_10153941964764282_8591525493146179089_n 12743696_10153456196750698_8443552795904068536_n





Show your excitement as first time parents!




And whether it’s your first…


12755159_10100532817501758_1006424723_o 12736111_10101600283022517_502672844_n…or second…


…or last…


…know that no matter how you announce, you should make it feel unique and special to YOU because your baby IS a big deal!


By the way, if you’ve been following my journey, we finally beat secondary infertility via IUI and are expecting our second baby in August of this year! We chose to go with a “I’m Polish and a ravenous pregnant woman so all I could think of was paczki” kind of announcement this past Fat Tuesday. 🙂


Huge thanks to our Stash Chatters for their photo contributions!

I hope you found some great inspiration for making your next exciting announcement, mommas!








How did you announce your pregnancy/pregnancies? Share with us in the comments!


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