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Our Top 10 Products You LOVE!

Dream Diapers 10 Most Customer-Loved Items


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This Valentine’s Day give yourself and your little one the gifts of comfort, durability, and reliability with these top customer rated items from Dream Diapers!

1. ♥ Most Desired Diaper ♥

LalabyeBabyewLalabye Baby Diaper

Here are Dream Diapers, we sell A LOT of diapers! So to win in this category is very telling of the quality of, popularity of, and loyalty to this cloth diaper brand! Luscious and thirsty bamboo inserts, usable as a pocket diaper (insert stuffs in) or an all-in-two (insert snaps on top), double row rainbow belly band for customizable fit settings that are easy to remember, soft and brilliant TPU, and trim fit from birth to potty training: I don’t have enough room to tell you all of the rest of the wonderful attributes of this diaper. It’s a sure thing I recommend to all cloth diapering parents, especially newbies! The gorgeous colors and adorable exclusive prints will brighten your stash considerably, and you can’t beat the personalized connection you can have with the owner and creator of the diaper, Melissa, through social media; a rare treat in the cloth diapering world that Lalabye fans adore!


2. ♥ Most Wonderful Wet Bag (Large) ♥

FFHangingPailwFunky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail

Save space when storing diapers by using this customer favorite hanging wet bag! Hang it on door handles, towel rails, or hooks in baby’s room or the bathroom. This large hanging wet bag has two durable, snap-closed handles that make it easy to hang or carry and a pleated pocket on the front of the bag that expands as you add contents to the bag- holding up to 20 diapers at a time! The thickness of the laminated double layered polyester interlock makes the bag extremely durable and able to contain wetness with ease. Not just for cloth diapers, this bag makes the perfect laundry bag for traveling, especially if you’re going to the pool or the beach!


3. ♥ Most Terrific Traveling Wet Bag ♥

StashologieWetbagswStashologie Wetbags

The biggest thing our customers look for when deciding what to bring on-the-go is size and reliability, and this travel size wet bag delivers in both departments. They’re perfect for day trips out at a price that doesn’t break the bank, and the silky soft TPU in vibrant, bold colors will win your heart quickly!


4. ♥ Most Worshipped Wipes ♥

GroviaWipeswGrovia Wipes

This reusable cloth wipe is the perfect size, the perfect weight (thickness), and made of oh-so-soft terry that is gentle on baby’s bottom, hands, and face. They get the job done with only one wipe; you never feel like your hand is in danger of coming in contact with your child’s mess, and at less than a dollar a piece for a pack of 12, you can buy an entire stash of cloth wipes (24 wipes) for less than the cost of a case of disposable wipes!  If you’ve been hesitant to delve into using cloth wipes, this is the first brand you should try! You’ll see why they’re our top seller and become a convert in no time!


5. ♥ Sweetest Spritz for Redness ♥

CJ's Spritz Lullaby BabywCJ’s Spritz

Oranges, loose stools from illness or teething, delayed diaper changes, and even time in disposables can all contribute to redness on your sweet baby’s bum. Wiping thick creams on their sensitive tushies is one option, but this spritz provides a mess free application of a sweet smelling remedy for such a bummer of a problem! Not only that, it can be used as a leave in hair conditioner, massage oil, bath oil, tanning oil, or after-shower moisturizer for momma, too! Try it out next time your little is suffering from monkey butt and see why our customers say it’s the best of the best for treating tender, red bottoms!


6. ♥ Most Treasured Teether ♥

innobabyteetherswInnobaby EZ Grip Teether

Teething is THE WORST, but having a great teether to ease baby’s pain and discomfort makes all the difference! This lightweight easy to handle and easy to use teether is our best seller because our tiniest customers drool over their comforting flexible petals and funky shapes. Moms love that they’re dishwasher safe and help baby develop and strengthen oral motor skills while massaging sore gums, and not only do our customers love them, but these are actually award winning teethers!


7. ♥ Most Cherished Carrier ♥

alpacalove_largewTula Soft Structured Carrier

There’s a reason this carrier is our number one seller: two words: memory foam. The cushioned straps on this carrier are what customers rave about most! It makes carrying your 15-45 lb baby a breeze with ergonomically safe and comfortable seating, adequately supporting baby’s hips and back so they are comfy and happy and stay put whether riding on your front or back! Padding behind baby’s knees keeps them happy in their deep seated position, and dual adjustable straps make it just as comfy for the wearer too! Plus, Tula’s come in such a variety of cute prints and often are sold with plenty of sleepy dust for calming and soothing cranky kiddos. Our customers love them as much as the babies do!


8. ♥ Most Magnificent Mama Care ♥

PinkLemonadewPink Lemonade Pads

If you haven’t experienced #sittingonacloud, you need to make your period happier and order some of our top selling mama cloth, stat! Topped with luxurious bamboo velour or minky and backed with water resistant Windpro fleece to prevent leaks, these pads make mama care easy and comfortable! They’re easy to wash, easy to snap in place in your underwear, and handy for post-baby incontinence too! Just like our customers, you will lve these pads from first wear!


9. ♥ Most Loveable Liners ♥

OsocozyLinerswOsocozy Disposable Liners

You know what our cloth diapering customers love most? Not having to deal with poop any longer than they have to. These super soft disposable liners make clean up a breeze for #2s- simply lift the soiled liner out and flush! Pre-line diapers as you prep them to put on the shelf or line as you go, but don’t forget the liner or you’ll have a time consuming mess that stains your inserts!

smartbottomslinerswSmart Bottoms Fleece Liners

With the same convenience as the disposable liners but a much smaller environmental impact, these fleece liners are reusable while still making poopy diapers a breeze to clean up- lift the soiled liner and dump solids or spray off before tossing in the pail with the dirty diaper to wash. Fleece liners also help keep wetness at bay for babies with particularly sensitive skin or for use overnight when baby pees a lot! Fleece liners also double as a great barrier between cloth diapers and any non-cloth safe diaper creams, so you can love your cloth diapers no matter the situation!


10. ♥ Most Outstanding Overnight Solution ♥


Overnight Bamboo Fitteds


and Sloomb Knit Wool Covers

This bullet proof solution keeps even the heaviest wetters dry and comfortable so they can sleep through the night! Using this fitted diaper under this kind of knit wool cover allows the fitted to be flooded at night, and the knit wool cover (when properly lanolized) keeps baby’s sheets dry even when the fitted is soaked! Use a Smart Bottoms fleece liner in the fitted and you’ve got stay dry protection all night long, too! The fitteds are free of PUL or TPU- just natural fibers- so they breathe well, keeping baby’s skin healthy even when they’ve wet throughout the night, and the wool is also breathable but waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about changing jammies or sheets in the middle of the night. No wonder our customers chose this as their all time favorite overnight solution! It’s love!


So what have you bought from this list? What do you LOVE about it? What will you try next?


Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Shopping!





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