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Learning to #BirthWithoutFear

The 5 Most Impactful Lessons I’ve Learned from January Harshe of the #birthwithoutfear movement.

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To: My Little White Boy

“… I could sit here and pretend that this world I brought you into is peaceful and kind and wonderful and sunshine and daisies. It would make me feel better. It would make me feel less guilty that I am exposing you to a world that is alight with controversy and yet bathed in apathy.

But I can’t do that.”

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5 Things We All Need When We Just. Can’t. Even.

When the baby is screaming, and the toddler has knocked over the dog’s water for upteenth time today, and it’s 5:30 and dinner isn’t made, and you haven’t showered, and your husband walks through the door, all you want to do is toss the baby (ever so gently but urgently) in his arms and run.… Continue reading 5 Things We All Need When We Just. Can’t. Even.

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New Year: Same You

  It’s already begun: posts everywhere about “Top 10 Things To Change in the New Year” and “How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet” as if I’ve somehow miserably failed in 2015, as if I wasn’t good enough this year, but next year I will be if I take their advice. I’m tired of… Continue reading New Year: Same You