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Mom’s Favorite Things


I know when my child starts to feel frustrated and grits his teeth and says, “I’M ANGRYYY!” the first thing I do is sing Daniel Tiger to him. “When you feel so mad that you wanna ROAR, take a deep breath and count to four. 1, 2, 3, 4.” (You know you sang along…and if you didn’t, you can do so here at 0:53.) It helps him remember that it’s okay to feel angry but that you need to calm down before you react. Yet, when he reaaaaally pisses me off, my first reaction is to yell, to grab hold of whatever he’s causing destruction with and take it away from him. If I’m beyond patience for the day, I don’t take a deep breath or count to four. I just explode.


It’s so easy to get angry at your kids. When they draw on your Christmas decorations (even after you told them no) or break something you love (even after you moved it so you thought they couldn’t reach it) or even shoplift a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks by accident (#truth and all within a 24 hour span) sometimes you lose yourself for a minute in that feeling of outrage and disbelief that they could disrespect you in such a way. When I get to that boiling point, I know I need to take a step back and give myself a time out. It’s hard to do. Hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes tends to help, drinking a glass of water, taking deep breaths, whatever I need to do to gain perspective. And sometimes, focusing on the fact that he’s still a child, that he’s not disrespecting me on purpose (even if he is disobeying on purpose) allows me to see that I need to show patience and understanding and compose myself enough to speak sternly but with quiet purpose. Because as we all know, they tune us out when yell. Even when it’s nothing big, but all the little things add up by the end of the day, I find myself needing to try and focus on the positive. So, I try to reflect on the things I love about him when he’s driving me to an early grave. And so, in light of the past few days I’ve had, I give you a reminder of why we continue to battle tantrums and sleepless nights.



Mom’s Favorite Things

(A parody about the little moments in motherhood that make us want to stay mothers,

even when we feel the urge to sell our children for pocket money and a descent night’s sleep.

Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” as sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.)


Splashing in puddles with coats and galoshes

Sounds of a full belly that burbles and sloshes

Drooly small smiles, the giggles they bring

These are a few of Mom’s favorite things

Toddlers that sleep in most awkward positions

Small smudgy handprints all over my  kitchen

Little “I wuv yous” that tug on heartstrings

These are a few of Mom’s favorite things

Fat little toes that curl up when he’s crying

Intense concentration with new things he’s trying

Hair ruffled crazily by winds of the spring

These are a few of Mom’s favorite things

When kids won’t sleep,

When they’re screaming,

When they drive me mad

I simply remember Mom’s favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad


Write your own verse(s) and share them with us on our Facebook page or in Stash Chat! What are you favorite things about your kids, either always or even just during the holidays?  I’d love to hear what you come up with! Be sure to #DDmomsfavoritethings !




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