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Oh, the Places You’ll Babywear!

Having access to your hands is entirely underrated until you have a kid, and then you realize how often you use your hands for things like getting dressed or blowing your nose or eating food. You know, crazy luxuries like that. Once you discover the marvelous convenience that is babywearing, you regain access to the ability to make dinner without pulling a Hansel and Gretel and accidentally almost cooking your child or even something as frivolous as going to the bathroom and being able to wipe and pull your underwear back on without giving yourself a wedgie.  #mommatruth


Babywearing is also fabulous for traveling sans stroller (read “freely”). I’ve not yet flown with Lucas, but you can bet your wrap-conversion-Tula when that day comes that I’ll be wearing that kid through the airport. Heck, even going to the State Fair is a little scary without my carrier. Anywhere there are big crowds where he could get lost or stolen, I have him strapped to my back. And he doesn’t fight me or run away or make me not enjoy our adventure out of the house because A. he’s comfortable and B. he has a better view from up there and C. he feels safe.


So without further ado, here are some of our favorite reasons and places to babywear from us at Dream Diapers:



Happy Babywearing! If you’ve ever wanted to try a woven wrap, you’re not going to want to miss Perla’s post tomorrow!



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