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5 Things We All Need When We Just. Can’t. Even.

When the baby is screaming, and the toddler has knocked over the dog’s water for upteenth time today, and it’s 5:30 and dinner isn’t made, and you haven’t showered, and your husband walks through the door, all you want to do is toss the baby (ever so gently but urgently) in his arms and run.… Continue reading 5 Things We All Need When We Just. Can’t. Even.

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Why do people run marathons? Climb mountains? Swim great distances? So they can say they did? No. They do it to prove to themselves that they can. They do it to push their bodies to their fullest potential. They do it to explore the limitations of their minds. They do it because they feel it… Continue reading Fearfully and Wonderfully Made